Saturday, April 21, 2012

Urban Photowalk

In the interest of getting some fresh air, moving my feet, and logging some camera time I took a brief walk around The Forks.  Great little section of the city with all sorts of things to shoot.  Was looking for details more than anything else.  Nothing exciting, but worth a lunch break.

First up some industrial space on Waterfront Drive.  Right next to this spot are new, modern condos.  That alone would have made for an interesting image and something I should revisit in the future.  Not sure how I'd frame it.  What is on display in a couple of these shots are some contrasts between the somewhat downtrodden facade of this industrial building wall and the artwork that adorns it.

And moving from something falling apart, to something snazzy and unbelievably modern coming together: The Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  Over budget and behind scheduled it's a source of much controversy.  But WOW will it look amazing when it's done.  So many photographic opportunities.  I already have in mind long exposure work that can look amazing.  What caught my interest this time around wasn't so much the whole structure but rather the lines and contours of these details under construction.  I'll admit a major shortcoming of my photos is too much detail and not enough context - need to add that to the Skills Development List.  I guess the first step is admitting you have a problem.

A little further in and the the brightly hued stucco of the Manitoba Theater for Young People (or "MTYP" as all the cool kids say) was an eyegrabber in the bright sun.  Shape, texture, and color.  That's it.

Some more bits and bobs from the area.  Look up, look down, look around.

Finally, a quick run through The Forks Market to grab some chow on the go.  How cool is it to have an antique fruit truck indoors?  A Detail Hound could spend all sorts of time on this beauty.

Always good to look, better to see.  Even for just a short while.

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  1. Love the shot of the trucks. I have a thing for them.....